Non-Surgical Method For Stress Urinary Incontinence

Almost everyone are familiar with transvaginal mesh and lawsuits, especially on how it has affected one of the most problematic medical condition called the stress urinary incontinence (SUI). People who aredistressed with this most likely had been into many different embarrassing situations as it can be triggered with very mundane things like laughing or sneezing. Now, isn’t it quite a blow when the problem about tansvaginal mesh erupted? Where can SUI affected seek solace from now on?

Kenneth Peters, a urologist, has found out that certain muscles may help in the treatment of SUI but patients have to go under a leg biopsy first. Cells in this muscle will be isolated and injected on the patient to help regenerate muscles which results to bladder control. Final results about this procedure are still to be determined but on-hand results seem to be promising. Hopefully, within next year, final results are already available.

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