A Good Youth Leader

The first impression that you get when you think of a leader must necessarily be veteran and experience in a lot of aspects.  Another thing is that he should have been a good follower.  Superficially you will that a good leader is someone who is a good speaker for being a leader implies a good grasp of command to a unified but diverse following.  Track record is also another factor.  With all these attributes determining a good youth leader is rather difficult for a good youth leader must necessarily be determined by a potential successor.

Identifying to the heart of a youth is a rather difficult task when you find yourself being surrounded by career driven people.  Knowing that a youth is a generation that is resistant to commands and is tenacious to rules makes the task more tedious but once you get the youth’s attention the experience is worthwhile and rewarding.  For you have now gained the respect and authority over a loyal breed.  The generation of the youth maybe hard to tame, but once you have captured their attention and interest, you can execute with lesser doubts and increased flexibility.

If you have earned the interest of the youth, you have now put yourself in a good position to spot potential youth leaders.  To a good leader, a successor is not threatening because a successor implies continuity and perpetuity of the causes which you, as a leader represent.  What better generation to find a successor than among the youth, who is still conducive to learning and molding.  Mentorship holds greater responsibility than just mere teaching.  Basically, teaching may only involve a conveyance a set of learning skills and theology.  However, mentorship acknowledges a sense of responsibility towards your successor and a feeling of accountability to his future actions.

If you have found yourself a good youth leader, there lies before you a holder of generation and your key to the future, your access to immortality; that, when you are no longer existing you can be sure that your legacy continuous.


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