Life After Drugs: A Youth’s Confession

Life After Drugs: A Youth’s Confession

Addiction is not something I would normally understand because my life is surrounded with so much simplicities that I find myself only at the attempt of defining what a drug addict really feels.  At this, I am a failure.  I cannot accurately place myself in the place of a person who is addicted to drugs because I have never been on drugs and I will never feel their “high” when they are in it and their “’low”’ when they are not in it.  I live with a teenage sister who has been into drugs and this has caused pressure on our family but I believe more strain on my sister.

When my sister was still 16 years old, she got up going through high school with the “wrong”’ crowd.  I dislike quoting them as the wrong crowd because I know they’re just misunderstood.  They are not quarrelsome people who bully others.  They are teenageers who live under an unhealthy home.  Drugs for them is not just a form of curiosity but an escape route from their troubled homes.  My sister does not live in a troubled but she understands the lifelong longings of her peers and identifies with aspirations.  This is where the camaraderie began.

My sister get not get hooked on drugs to the point where she needed intervention to stop it. Unlike her peers, she did not have enough reason or wanting to stay on drugs.  What took a while for us in the weaning process of drug dependency was the re kindling of trust.  Trust was not easily given by our parents as before.  Thus, finances were limited on the part of my sister; time was also restricted for her.  This closed certain opportunities for her such as studies outside of the town, where she would not be monitored.  Drugs took a toll on her life not only physically but also emotionally.  Confidence was at its low.  My sister has now graduated with a degree in tourism and she is yet to prove to my parents that drugs did not stop her from getting a good future.  For me, the fact that she said no, is a milestone in itself.  And I’m proud of my sister whether or not she earns a million or not.


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