The Value of Sports

The Value of Sports

sportsTo the youth, sports, music and art are extra-curricular activities that is born out of hobby but significantly creates a diversion from other unhealthy activities that fill the boredom in their time.  The youth of today, like it has always been, have an insatiable drive for adventure and extreme curiosity for new things. There is simply no fear for trying out new things.  The youth possesses so much energy for doing out many things that channeling these energy on the right activities would help them build a good future.

Sports is one of the healthy things many government programs indulge in to cater to their constituents at their youth.  Sports create a strong ground for discipline and a foundation of self-control against many things.  In the chaotic world that we are in at present, violence is around every corner and the issue of drugs, unsafe sex, unemployment, less value to education behest many homes.  Sports are used by most educational facilities and most local government to divert the attention of their youth into fruitful activities that will help boost their confidence and make them achievers.

Sports can effectively stabilize the capsuled energy of the youth which if channeled to wrong avenues may lead to a series of indecisions and eventually regrets.  Sports can serve as an avenue of trust for fellow youth and a sort of mentorship to their instructor.  Other physical activities such as dancing and martial arts can serve as a tool for discipline as well. The essence of sports is discipline and integrity and not just excellence.  These are virtues that ensure future success.  Not only does sports ensure that time is well spent for the youth at present but they also ensure a good future.  While the physical advantage is all but obvious when you indulge in sports but it gives emotional wellness as well.


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