The Youth Amidst Today’s Leadership Crisis

The Youth Amidst Today’s Leadership Crisis

Various articles published in Reuters, Bloomberg and other news outfits have all reported about today’s leadership crisis in the United States.  At this, there is a question regarding the efficacy of mentorship to our youth at present.  Mentorship equals the command in our present education system towards the generation that is next in line to govern the nation.  This is the generation that will care for us (the generation that they are taking over) and will nurture the next generation (the one that will eventually replace them).

A leadership crisis implies that there is a shortage of competent individuals to take over good governance as determined by credentials to prove their capacity.  This is the reason why there are many leadership institute that endorse themselves through the internet and leadership training programs pioneered by both contemporary and conventional universities.  Leadership training programs have been taught as short term courses or elective courses by most universities but since this leadership crisis occurred, many aspiring leaders, today’s youth, have enrolled themselves to these courses because there is simply a great demand for employees at the managerial line.

The youth, in general, are full of untapped potentials that may come from those good educational background or those who have yet to prove themselves academically.  The truth is a good leader knows a good leader.  The crucial part now is spotting the Joshua who will succeed Moses.  While most say leadership starts at the heart, the good youth leader should not be bereft of skills.  Of course while the youth’s potential maybe there, the skill may still be at the novice stage, after all experience is the best teacher.  In this sense, it may be said that mentorship and guidance must be at its peak.  For if that untapped potential is directed at the wrong causes or discourage at grass roots, that prospective youth leader may go through a series of detours before he reaches success.

In some, there should be effective mentorship and guidance with less selfish motives to help the youth of today take its stand to the good future that we all aspire.



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